Welcome to UVIMAC solutions

Uvimac Solutions, headquartered in Mumbai is an end to end Manufacturing Support Services (MSS) provider with a focus on delivering the high quality products with Optimum OEE, for the investments done by clients.

We also provide Tool manufacturing services, Sourcing support services & affordable training services for manufacturing companies.

We at UVIMAC have developed a unique business model through which we deliver the best of manufacturing services through best in class resources. We are experts in handing complete production activities & Quality management through our resources, 80% out of them are graduate engineers.

During the handling of Production or any of our services for our clients our focus remain on “In Process Quality”, “Delivery as per schedule”, OEE of the equipments & machineries & high class documentation as per the laid standards.


We are firm believers that quality comes by virtue of the attitude of taking responsibility thus we don’t employ dedicated quality managers under our work force as everyone who contribute in producing a job or completing a task is responsible & accountable for the Quality. While our clients are always most welcome to hire a Quality assurance managers to conduct in depth quality audits.